Tonya Topel is an accomplished businesswoman who, after spending ten years in the natural gas and oil pipeline industries, found her passion in the solar energy and net-zero home markets. After some soul-searching, she realized she was no longer satisfied with her career, and wanted a change. Not only that, but she wanted a job where she could help initiate change. Currently employed with SunSource Homes, Topel intends to do her part in changing how we view energy and sustainability, not only for herself but for generations to come. SunSource Homes allows her to do so, as they are a like-minded company with those same goals and values: to implement cost-effective renewable energy sources into homes and businesses across the map.

At SunSource Homes, Topel has the privilege to work with clients with a desire to tap into this underutilized resource to do their part in protecting the environment as well as minimizing living expenses. Working with a firm such as SunSource Homes, clients can do that with ease. As a one-stop shop, Topel and her company provide the architecture, construction, and renewable Energy all under one roof. No matter what the specific project is, they have everyone on staff to handle all aspects of the project. This includes permitting, engineering, inter-discipline coordination, and problem-solving issues that crop up in the field, Topel helps coordinate these efforts to work efficiently within one company.

Seeing clients transition into net-zero homes is undoubtedly the most rewarding aspect of her current position. They’re more than just environmentally homes, but better constructed so that they are airtight, well-insulated, and energy efficient in that these homes produce their own energy. While the upfront cost may seem expensive, Topel assures her clients that the return on investment only takes five to seven years. She also considers seeing the joy on her clients’ faces when they make that transition into net-zero homes and solar energy to be the best part of her job. Not only is she helping her clients create a more affordable lifestyle for themselves, but they are also helping do their part in making the environment a healthier, more sustainable place for all of the earth’s inhabitants.

While it may seem like a small gesture to help only home or business at a time, Topel sees net-zero homes as the way of the future. The challenges are minimal, and the results are long-lasting.